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Ayelet Lherer (55) mother of 4 ; a multi- award-winning creator a serial
entrepreneur and the Founder and ceo of the Shaman group- A mycelium
inspired network who develop platforms, infrastructures and models for the
integration and assimilation of P.A.T (psychedelic Assisted Therapy) .All based
on Ayelets 39 years  of accumulated knowledge on the mushroom Amanita

In the year 2014, Ayelet established a volunteer underground campaign to
help rehabilitate and support disadvantaged youth from the ultra-Orthodox
sector in Jerusalem. There She gained valuable insight into the challenges
faced by people with untreated mental and physical health conditions for the
first time in her life , Ayelet faced the lac of effective treatment provided by the
state health system for people living on the margins of society.


With many years of experience in the psychedelic ecosystem ( Ayelet is
affiliated with the highly esteemed Esalen institute intentional community and
Workshops at Big Sur, California) Ayelet began experimenting various
"Microdosing" treatments of the Amanita mushroom in the family kitchen
while providing a solution for youth that state institutions and conventional
medicine were unable to provide.


This treatment method inherent potential for such youth, enabling them to
undergo treatment that does not generate a symbiotic dependency on
psychiatric drugs, with the entire spectrum of their side effects.


The growing success of this type of treatment and its ever-expanding circle
of patients has enabled the establishment of an empirical database
relating to the nature and quality of the treatment. This, in turn, has led to
additional medical practitioners and researchers entering this field.


Thus, the practical experience gained in the field and the expertise in the
Amanita muscaria mushroom, alongside the orderly documentation of the
treatment administered to those young people, has enabled us to arrive at
the current result. Alongside the revolutionary idea per se, we currently
have a database that provides genuine proof of concept attesting to the
effectiveness of the technology and the therapeutic method.


Since 2016 Ayelet and her team have escorted hundreds of needed suffering from
chronic pain' addictions' ptsd' and fibromyalgia. Additionally for the past eight years'
the team has been studying and researching fungi- based novel drugs and
developing medical devices and innovative technologies.

, Ayelet, is the daughter of Dr. Tuvia Lehrer, a pioneer and well known
leader of the fight against smoking both in Israel and worldwide (and
who, in 1972, established the Israel Association for the prevention of
Smoking). In the 1980s, Dr. Lehrer developed a nicotine Microdosing
concept based on his research and academic work as a way to
withdraw, which led to the development of the The famous nicotine
patch technology, (Novartis International Basel)

Ayelet is also the founder of Shaman Medical a mycelium- based
biotechnology start-up and co founder of Digital Shaman, Shaman Clinic
shops and shaman collective who is designed to facilitate the flow of data
resources and human capital between the ecosystem's ends
This projects finance the community ventures involving Amanita muscaria
care – micro trance – microdosing safe space for disadvantaged youth.







And the ongoing entrepreneurship ״מתרפאים באהבה ״ that support at no cost
to survivors of the Nova party' and those exposed to the 7\10 massacre and
the families of the hostages, volunteers of the rescue organizations zaka and

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