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שלום אהובים מקורבים

אני מרגישה שקשה לי להשתלט על שפע הידע, המידע והחומר שעוברים דרכי

ואשמח לחלוק אותו אתכם


Mandala Yoga Book

This book reminds us

that what we focus our attention and energy on becomes real. Focused attention is the creative power. Both Yoga and Mandala are magical tools for bringing us back to the experience of beauty and peace in perfect harmony through the unification of all our powers; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

It is a wonderful gift for yoga practitioners, teachers, holistic therapists, artists and anyone interested in the life process of discovering one's own true self.

Shlomit Raz

editor of the Alternative magazine

"Hayim Aherim"

"Shaya began to treat herself using Yoga breathing techniques and listening to the vertebras that were operated on. For two years, she listened to the pain and worked with it, step by step and gradually went back to functioning and teaching Yoga."

Daniel Ben-Tal

"Haaretz" newspaper

"I think this book is intended for people just like me – after years of saying to myself “I’ll start tomorrow”, I am now practicing regularly and feel how yoga influences me physically and mentally."

"Update" magazine

"In this book the author and creator offers an easy introduction to yoga, a far richer way of experiencing yoga by fusing the coloring aspect with the learning, focus and practice of yoga."

Avri Raviv

founder of the Alternative Magazine


"Each position, quality, sentiment, has a mandala made for coloring, as Yoga is a language of body and soul, primal and ancient, weaving bodies, consciousness, movement, and breath."

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